I am not able to log in. Why not?

The most common reason for this is that the wrong password is being entered. To remind yourself of the current password use the Password Reminder on the same screen. Please note the Password Reminder provides you with words or statement that you input to remind you of the password. It is not the Password itself.

If the reminder does not identify the password for you there is also a password replacement option on the same screen.

Neither of these options require you to input the current password – but our change password option does.

I have been sent a new password, but it is not being accepted. Why?

If you are certain that the password is being entered exactly then the issue will be with the Username.

Email addresses used as usernames are CASE-SENSITIVE and the most common reason for why your address is not accepted, even though you have just received an email from us, is that the original username was typed in using a different case for all or perhaps some of the digits.

Therefore if it is not clear what your exact username is please email the administrator and our technical team will find how it was originally input. You will then have to decide whether to carry on using this version or create a new account.

I’m trying to create an account but my password isn’t accepted. Why?

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long. They can contain letters, numbers or both (as well as hyphens,underscores and spaces). Upper and lower cases are considered identical. If your password fits this criteria and is still not accepted please contact our Administrator.

How to contact the Technical Team

In the first instance, contact the Society’s Administrator.

Is it safe to pay online?

When you book your dinner with The Book Society, your personal details are completely safe. We use industry standard secure server software, which protects your information as it is transmitted over the Internet. Your order is encrypted so that no one else can read it, and is not decoded until it reaches our secure server.

When it reaches us, only authorised personnel will see it. We do not store your credit card details online, so other internet users cannot access your details. In the event of fraudulent or unauthorised use of your card, most banks and card issuers will not hold you liable for the charges incurred – or will only hold you liable for the first £50.

We are confident that whilst you are using our site, there is no chance of this happening. So, if through no fault of your own, unauthorised use of your card takes place through our secure server, we will cover your liability up to a maximum of £50.

This guarantee is limited to purchases made through our secure server and is subject to notification of your card issuer in line with its regulations.

What is the Card Verification Code?

The Card Verification Code system has been introduced by banks as a measure to combat credit card fraud. If you are using Visa or Mastercard, this will be a three digit code on the back of the card.

Will my private details stay private?

Yes. For your convenience, we will keep a record of all the information you give us so that we can make it easier for you to order in the future. We do not sell or rent your personal details to anyone. We also don’t store your details online so other internet users cannot access them.

Are my details secure?

If you are new to The Book Society website, you might be wondering if your details are secure. We’d like to assure you that the Society supplier, Kino, runs secure server software that encrypts all your personal information, preventing it from being accessed or read by any third party. For your additional security, The Book Society  has recently subscribed to the Verified by VISA (VBV™) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC™) schemes.

Will anyone else get hold of my details?

The Book Society will not pass your details to any third party.

What are Verified by VISA (VBV™) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC™)?

VISA and MasterCard have created a higher standard of security for online card transactions. Currently, it is still up to the card holder to decide whether or not to sign up to this service. This new process is the online equivalent of the now familiar ‘Chip and PIN’ procedure used in shops and restaurants.

The service requires the card holder to record a password (and sometimes a personal message) with the card issuer that is not revealed to anyone else. Then on those websites that have enrolled with the service, at the point that the card payment is charged – or, in the case of The Book Society authorised but not charged – the card holder is taken to the secure site of the card issuer and asked to verify their card details by confirming their password. When this is input correctly the card issuer authorises the card or charge.

You can find more information at the following Card Issuers’ websites:

  • VISA
Why did The Book Society decide to implement this?

These verification processes provide an extra layer of protection for customers using credit cards online. Over time these new verification processes will become compulsory for all online merchants.

Do I have to use Verified by VISA (VBV™) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC™) once The Book Society has subscribed to it?

The Book Society does not require you to use this service. At this time, signing up with your card issuer is voluntary. You will only be asked to enter your password if you have already signed up for this service. However, please note that if you have enrolled with the card issuer we cannot complete your order unless you successfully enter your password.

I don’t remember enrolling for this but you are asking me to connect to my bank. What do I do?

You should contact your card issuer as their records indicate that you have enrolled and they therefore require you to use the service. You can use another card on our website that you have not enrolled.

What happens if I can’t remember my password?

On the secure sites you are taken to during the process the card issuers offer a Password reminder service. If this is not successful you will need to contact your card issuer in order to use this card on our website and complete the order. There is also a Help Option on the Password entry page that the Card Issuer updates with help and contact details. You can use another card that you have not enrolled into VBV or MSC.

Once I use this service, does that mean you then hold my password details?

No, The Book Society does not see or store your password, which is submitted directly to your card issuer over a secure link.

I am receiving an error/problem message. What does it mean?

You may receive this message:

‘Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, your card has not been authorised for this order. The most likely cause is simply incomplete or incorrect details. Please click on the ‘Check out’ link above to return to your order and check the details against your card. After filling any empty fields and changing any incorrect data please try again. If you are certain that the information is correct but your order is still not going through, we suggest you contact your bank.

Maestro customers: please note that where Start Dates and Issue numbers exist on your card, these fields must be completed for your transaction to be authorised. We are unable to make these fields mandatory in our shopping basket as not all Maestro cards include this information.’

This means the bank was unable to authorise your transaction and you must either provide details of another credit card in order to complete the order or replace the problem information. Unfortunately retailers are proscribed from passing on exact information about why the card has been rejected to the customer.

If you use the Check Out option you will not have to re-input your order, but you will need to login to your account again. Then you will be taken to the Final Preview page. Please make any necessary changes.

If it has been more than an hour since you first tried to complete the order or you have changed computers, your basket may have been cleared but you can start your order again.

Alternatively, you may see this message:

‘Sorry – this transaction has encountered a problem which prevented your order from being processed. Click on the “Check out” link above to try again.’

This means that we were unable to complete the authorisation due to a technical problem. This problem is probably temporary and may have occurred at any point in the process. We recommend that you try again but please do contact us if you are still unable to complete your order after several tries or if the problem has not rectified itself within a few hours.

What is Authorisation?

This is called “Pre-Authorisation” or sometimes a “Pending Charge” by the banks. On The Book Society website when you place an order we contact the bank to authorise the card. This confirms that the card is valid and that there are funds available to eventually pay for your order.

The bank reserves the order value from your available balance but does not charge your card and no monies are taken until your order is ready for despatch. Should the order not proceed for whatever reason, the bank will cease to reserve the funds, although the expiration period varies from bank to bank and The Book  Society has no influence on this.

When the order is completed and your card is charged, the Pre-Authorisation code is quoted back to the bank and the order is therefore completed. The Book Society will charge your card on the completion of your booking.