I am receiving an error/problem message. What does it mean?

You may receive this message:

‘Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, your card has not been authorised for this order. The most likely cause is simply incomplete or incorrect details. Please click on the ‘Check out’ link above to return to your order and check the details against your card. After filling any empty fields and changing any incorrect data please try again. If you are certain that the information is correct but your order is still not going through, we suggest you contact your bank.

Maestro customers: please note that where Start Dates and Issue numbers exist on your card, these fields must be completed for your transaction to be authorised. We are unable to make these fields mandatory in our shopping basket as not all Maestro cards include this information.’

This means the bank was unable to authorise your transaction and you must either provide details of another credit card in order to complete the order or replace the problem information. Unfortunately retailers are proscribed from passing on exact information about why the card has been rejected to the customer.

If you use the Check Out option you will not have to re-input your order, but you will need to login to your account again. Then you will be taken to the Final Preview page. Please make any necessary changes.

If it has been more than an hour since you first tried to complete the order or you have changed computers, your basket may have been cleared but you can start your order again.

Alternatively, you may see this message:

‘Sorry – this transaction has encountered a problem which prevented your order from being processed. Click on the “Check out” link above to try again.’

This means that we were unable to complete the authorisation due to a technical problem. This problem is probably temporary and may have occurred at any point in the process. We recommend that you try again but please do contact us if you are still unable to complete your order after several tries or if the problem has not rectified itself within a few hours.